Post Modern and Proud

Tony Jones posted on his blog a link to a new documentary on the real roots of the emergent church by Elliot Nesch. At first, I thought it was a joke – until I watched the trailer and realized it is another critique on the movement because of the embrace of postmodern philosophy.

I just have to say again – I am POST modern and proud.

In reality I am probably best described as an Apophatic American Pragmatist (Rorty, Davidson, etc), but I am definitely POST Modern I am on the other side of the modern philosophical project. I believe modern philosophical assumptions FAILED and failed miserably and frankly am ashamed that Christian theologians embraced these modern philosophical assumptions to build theology. In fact, I am one of the few that believe that the usage of these assumptions to build theology is SIN and that the past 400 years has witnessed the gradual slide of theology into a sinful condition that elevated human reason to God like status and reduced God and the Bible to an object of human conceptual mastery the result is radical individualism and the contemporary consumer church. The postmodern turn provides a chance to repent and return to faith. I reject most of the modern assumptions: absolutism; universalism; certainty; objectivity; omni-competence of human reason; sufficiency of human language and on and on. I know this is difficult for most theologians because they married theology to the assumptions and understanding of the modern project BUT it’s time to repent and return. This documentary is additional proof that Christianity has become enslaved to modern philosophy – ENSLAVED!

God is beyond human reason and language – stop reducing God to this position and stop defending it! It is time to repent!